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How To Identify It Black streaks on roof. It’s Also called “Blue-Green Algae” (Cyanobacteria) and “Gloeocapsa Magma.” Commonly know as mold & mildew: Its green and connected together A green spongy substance that can have scattered growth. a star shaped burst of yellow, orange and white.
Growth Areas in the U.S. Found heavily Southeast( FL, GA, etc.) Northeast ( MA , RI, CT, NY, etc.) Pacific Northwest ( WA, OR, CA etc) Midwest and mostly anywhere high humidity is found. High humidity and heavy shaded areas. Trees that overhabd the roof can aid in this type of growth.
How Much Roof Exposure Typically will grow on the North facing portion of the roof but can and will grow on any side of the roof. Will grow on entire roof area.
Optimal Growing Conditions High Humidity, Moisture, Feeds on some fillers used to make asphalt shingles. 50 F to 90 F Temperature Moisture and soil. 50 F to 90 F Temperature.
Damage Done To Roof Looks terrible but typically algae will not damage your roof. Not only looks awful but will deteriorate your shingles. This deterioration can cause the shingles to lift, causing potential leaks and interior water damage/mold.
Will Algae Resistant Shingles Fight it? Yes. Most algae resistant shingle do prevent algae from growing. No. May slow the growth but it will not stop it.

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