When it’s time to have your roof cleaned, hire professional roof cleaners. Research the local contractor’s in your area and ask about their services and procedures for cleaning roofs. . The more questions you ask the easier that it will be to find the right roof cleaner.

If your roof has roofing tiles, be sure to ask what types of tiles the company has worked with, and their methods for cleaning tile roofs. It helps when roof cleaning companies are experienced with cleaning a wide variety of tiles. Some of the materials they should have experience working with are tile, metal, and asphalt shingle.

Another factor to consider when hiring roof cleaners is whether they use a pressure washer or chemicals. If they use a pressure washer to clean roofs, you’ll want to ask what pressure spray they use. Many roofing materials need only a light spray to gently clean away dirt and debris. If the contractor tells you they use a medium or heavy spray in order to clean away algae and fungus, do not hire that company. Mold, algae, and fungus do not require a high or even medium pressure spray. Using a medium or heavy spray will damage your roof causing unnecessary repairs after your roof has been cleaned. A low pressure spray will gently remove even mold, fungus, and algae without harming your roof.
Many larger roof cleaning companies also have roof inspectors that check out your roof looking for areas that need repair such as cracks or missing tiles. Inspection services help you to find out what problem areas there may be on your roof. Having your roof inspected also helps to avoid moss, fungus, and algae growth.

Before hiring any roof cleaning service or roof inspectors be sure to check out their license and certifications. A professional roof cleaning company will have the proper credentials and certifications such as from the RMA or Roofing Manufacturers Association. The organization helps to endorse materials that are approved for roof cleaning and also help in getting various materials handled.

These are just a few factors to consider when hiring a roof cleaner or roof inspector for your roof. In addition, you should also ask the companies for references of other cleaning jobs they have completed in the area. Any professional roof cleaning company or roof inspector should have a list of references ready to give to potential customers.

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